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Tough Love for Russia’s (Alleged) Election Hack

Tough Love for Russia's (Alleged) Election Hack, by Scotch WichmannThe Director of National Intelligence (DNI) released its official report this week on Russia’s alleged hack of the DNC’s email servers and the 2016 election.

I was really hoping for a smoking gun, but the report proves nothing. It doesn’t contain a shred of forensic evidence. Its paltry 14 pages only demonstrate that Putin wanted Trump to win the election. How that passes for “secret intel,” I have no idea. Maybe I should open my own spy agency! Wanna join?

Grab the full article on Lifehacker here.

Security Secrets from a Hacker

Security Secrets from a Hacker by Scotch WichmannUnless you’re knee-deep in security, you might not know that spy and law enforcement agencies won’t hesitate to break the law in order to spy on you.

Or that most companies don’t know where their most valuable data is stored.

Or that the Defense Department has no idea how much it actually spends on top secret programs.

…And these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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H3ll0 W0rld

It only happens once: the very first post. (Don’t worry, I scanned it for vulnerabilities).

I’ve worked as a security consultant, researcher, and intelligence nerd (a.k.a. hacker) for nearly a quarter century now. And, while I’ve written about security in popular culture (and in my award-winning novel, which you should totally buy!), this is my attempt at a longer conversation.

. . . And it’ll probably be an idiosyncratic one, because I’m also a longtime performance artist known for crawling around on broken glass and sporting extra appendages.  This right-brained activity serves me well in my security work, since “seeing” the cyber terrain—and imagining what new attacks may come—require nonstop creativity, which is a skill like any other. You’ve gotta work that muscle, which is why my co-workers no longer blink when I show up to meetings limping and covered in band-aids.

Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!