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No Warranty
By using the Site, you agree that its contents are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. You agree that under no circumstances shall Countercastle or its authors or officers be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from the use, or inability to use, the content of the Site.
Copyright and Permission to Use
Except where otherwise noted, all writing and graphics published on the Site © 2016-2017 Scotch Wichmann, All Rights Reserved. You have permission to quote short passages of any writing on the Site for academic writing or journalism, provided that you cite the author. If you quote any content on the Site, you agree that the article, book, posting, or other material where the quoted content appears may be promoted on the Site, including a screenshot or photograph of the material where the quoted content appears, without renumeration to you or your publisher, in perpetuity.
If you post text or images ("Commentary") on the Site, you agree that the Site and Scotch Wichmann may use your Commentary for any purpose, including republication of your Commentary elsewhere digitally or in print, and without remuneration of any kind to you, in perpetuity.
All rights not expressly licensed to you are reserved to Countercastle.
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Data Collection and Other Sites
Countercastle may collect technical and usage information about you and your computer such as your IP address, browser parameters, and the web pages you visit on the Site in order to better serve you. Countercastle will not collect information about non-Countercastle websites you visit.
The Site may contain web links to other websites which may collect their own data about you; your use of those sites will be governed by their terms of use and privacy policies, which may differ from Countercastle's policy, and you agree to hold Countercastle harmless for the content of, and any data collected by, those other websites.
Handling, Uses, and Security for Sensitive Data
If you submit data to the Site, you understand that your data may travel across local, state, national, and international boundaries. Your data may be stored or scrutinized by Internet Service Providers, government agencies, or other third parties while it is in transit, which is outside of Countercastle's control, and for which you agree to hold Countercastle harmless.
You agree not to email, upload, post, or transmit sensitive data to Countercastle or its officers without prior written approval and encryption instructions from Countercastle. Such data includes but not is limited to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or data concerning vulnerabilities on websites or in software. If you transmit such data without written permission from Countercastle, you agree to hold Countercastle harmless if the data is intercepted, lost, stolen, exploited, or published. When sending sensitive data to Countercastle, you agree to encrypt it using Countercastle's Public Key, whose link can be found on the contact page. If you become a Countercastle client, which requires a written and mutual contract with Countercastle, Countercastle will establish secure protocols with you for the encrypted transmission of sensitive information. Unless a written a mutual contract has been established with Countercastle to the contrary, Countercastle offers no warranty nor guaranty regarding data transmitted to it.
Countercastle may store some information in cookies (temporary files stored on your computer) in order to identify you and your preferences as you navigate through the Site, which is a common practice on the Internet. Countercastle does not store information such as your name, address, or other PII in cookies. Information stored in cookies, if important to Countercastle, is always encrypted using an industry-standard encryption algorithm in order to help protect your data from third parties. Cookies are marked to expire unless you choose to keep your online session active indefinitely. If you choose not to accept cookies in your web browser, some functions on the Site may not function properly for you.
Data Retention
Countercastle reserves the right to retain the information it collects about you indefinitely, except where otherwise noted in this policy, and data retained will be subject to the terms of this policy.
If any section or subsection of this policy or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is held to be legally invalid, the remainder of the policy shall not be affected thereby.
In order to maintain a timely privacy policy that best protects you, Countercastle reserves the right to change its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at any time for any reason without notifying you.
Contacting Countercastle
Countercastle may be contacted by mail at 436 N Cordova, Burbank, CA 91505 or via the contact page on the Countercastle website at: