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Day in the Life of a CISO

I spotted this meme flying around the Internet this week: Being a Chief Information Security Officer is easy. It’s like riding a bike — except the bike is on fire — you’re on fire — everything is on fire — because you’re in hell. Being a CISO, I’d have to agree there are days when […]

Cybersecurity 101 Training in Burbank!

I’ll be giving a free, 90-minute crash course in cybersecurity at the Burbank Library’s Buena Vista branch on January 30, 2018 @ 7PM! Learn how to protect yourself against hackers, cybercriminals, government surveillance, and more. See you there! Full info here.

H3ll0 W0rld

It only happens once: the very first post. I’ve worked as a security consultant, researcher, and intelligence nerd (a.k.a. hacker) for nearly a quarter century now. And, while I’ve written about security in popular culture (and in my award-winning novel, which you should totally buy!), this is my attempt at a longer conversation. . . . And it’ll […]