Countercastle Cybersecurity

H3ll0 W0rld

It only happens once: the very first post.

I’ve worked as a security consultant, researcher, and intelligence nerd (a.k.a. hacker) for nearly a quarter century now. And, while I’ve written about security in popular culture (and in my award-winning novel, which you should totally buy!), this is my attempt at a longer conversation.

. . . And it’ll probably be an idiosyncratic one, because I’m also a longtime performance artist known for crawling around on broken glass and sporting extra appendages.  This right-brained activity serves me well in my security work, since “seeing” the cyber terrain—and imagining what new attacks may come—require nonstop creativity, which is a skill like any other. You’ve gotta work that muscle, which is why my co-workers no longer blink when I show up to meetings limping and covered in band-aids.

Enjoy, and thank you for stopping by!